Sphere XO Student Design Challenge

Sphere is electrifying the Las Vegas skyline and empowering local creativity with the launch of the “Sphere XO Student Design Challenge”.

A groundbreaking initiative in partnership with the Clark County School District (CCSD) and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). This unprecedented collaboration opens the doors for over 100,000 students across Clark County, giving them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to showcase their art on the Exosphere, Sphere’s mesmerizing fully programmable LED exterior.

About the Challenge

The challenge is a vibrant celebration of young talent, with eight lucky students from elementary through college levels set to see their Fourth of July-themed artworks light up the Exosphere on July 4, 2024, coinciding with the one-year anniversary of its first illumination. The selection process uniquely combines public voting with expert judgments by renowned artists like Refik Anadol and Michela Picchi, ensuring a blend of popular choice and professional excellence.

In an inspiring move to support arts education, Sphere is awarding winning high school and UNLV students with $10,000 educational scholarships, while victorious elementary and middle school students’ schools will receive a $10,000 donation towards enhancing art programs. Additionally, these younger winners will bring the entire school community closer to the arts by securing tickets for The Sphere Experience this Fall.

Elementary/Middle School:

The challenge is divided into two segments: one for elementary/middle school students who will bring their creativity to life on a 2D drawing of Sphere.

High School/College:

Another for high school/college students, who will utilize VR headsets and digital tools provided by Sphere to craft their submissions. A total of 120 submissions will be digitized and opened for public voting in late May, setting the stage for a democratic selection of the eight winners.

This innovative challenge not only highlights Sphere’s commitment to integrating art and technology but also strengthens the bond between the Las Vegas community and the burgeoning world of digital design. As we look forward to the stunning display of student creativity on the Exosphere, Sphere’s initiative promises to illuminate not just the skyline but the futures of the talented young artists of Clark County.

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